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of a new product feature
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Ellevest is on a mission to close the gender investing gap by creating a goal-based investment platform tailored for women. After an invitation-only beta, the firm decided to offer IRA transfers as its first new feature post-MVP with the goal of increasing clients' average account balances.

I was the lead designer on this project and conducted the initial user research; designed, usability tested, and iterated on the product feature; collaborated with Product and Engineering through development; designed and tested the marketing site page; and strategized the messaging plan with the Marketing team. IRA Transfers shipped in early 2017.

Strategic Planning, User Research, UX Design, Visual Design, Responsive Web

IRA Transfers workflow post-its

Mapping out the workflow

IRA Transfers final workflow

Final workflow wireframes

IRA Transfers product flow, 1/2

IRA transfer flow

IRA Transfers Marketing Page Sketches

Marketing site landing page sketches

IRA Transfers Marketing Page

Final design for marketing site landing page

IRA Transfers Mobile Designs