product designer | brooklyn
IRA Transfers

Ellevest | IRA Transfers

Leading the user research & design of a new feature from product workflows to marketing strategy.
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Mortgage Database

CFPB | Mortgage Database

Easily accessing & visualizing public data
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Funding Flow

Ellevest | Conversion Funnel

Iterating on the client funding flow
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Resource Center

Ellevest | Resource Center

Strategizing a scalable content site
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New Market Goods

New Market Goods

Prototyping an immersive e‑commerce experience for a socially responsible clothing line
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About Us

Ellevest | About Us

Building brand trust by sharing Ellevest's story
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in a nutshell...

I believe that design is a vehicle for social change. I've learned that building empathy for users & others, creates better products & human beings respectively. I advocate for diversity & inclusion. I also like zombies & pie.