Birds Eye

Redesigning an
internal scheduling tool
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Breather provides private workspaces that are optimized for productivity and accessible by the hour, day, or month. To operate a network of hundreds of locations across nine cities, Breather employees relied heavily on a web tool nicknamed "Birds Eye" to oversee market activity and manage users' reservations and space cleans. As the business model changed over time, features became less relevant, new user needs surfaced, and the power tool began to impede internal workflows.

I was the design lead on this project and worked closely with stakeholders and the Product and Engineering teams to ship the redesigned Birds Eye in the spring of 2018. I was responsible for requirements gathering, UX and visual design, and usability testing.

UX Design, Visual Design, Usability Testing, Responsive Web

Birds Eye Old User Interface

Old Birds Eye UI

Birds Eye Wireframe Sketches

Wireframe sketches

Birds Eye Daily View Iterations

Daily view iterations

Birds Eye Final State: Daily View

Final state: daily view

Birds Eye Final State: Weekly View

Final state: weekly view

Birds Eye Final State: Mobile