New Market

Prototyping an immersive e‑commerce experience for a socially responsible clothing line
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After completing a Front-End Web Development course at General Assembly, I was eager to code. Luckily Stephen Kennedy was kick starting his side venture, New Market Goods, a transparent clothing line fabricated by Bangladeshi artisans. The end result was a responsive digital storefront that emulates the experience of walking through a vibrant textile market.

I prototyped the user interactions in HTML/CSS/JavaScript; iterated on the design of the homepage and product pages based on changing business needs; and led the front-end web development and browser testing. We collaborated on the project remotely tracking tasks using GitHub issues. I completed work on the prototype in 2014.

Interaction Design, UX Design, Front-End Web Development, Responsive Web

New Market Goods Homepage Original Comp

Original homepage comp

New Market Goods Completed Homepage

Completed homepage

New Market Goods Product Page

Product page

New Market Goods Mobile