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The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) is a law that requires financial institutions to publicly release information about mortgage applications to prevent discriminatory lending practices. This huge dataset was exceptionally cumbersome and difficult to understand in its original format. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has rulemaking authority over HMDA, challenged our team to solve that problem.

We designed and built an open source web application that makes HMDA data easily accessible through interactive data visualizations, bulk data downloads and custom queries, and an API. I interfaced with internal clients to ensure business requirements were met; led the visual design concepting through execution by coding style updates in HTML/CSS; iterated on the design of the data filtering feature based on user testing results; and designed/co-developed the API documentation pages. This project shipped in 2014.

Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front-End Web Development, Responsive Web

Mortgage Database Homepage Comps

Homepage variations

Mortgage Database Homepage Final

Homepage final

Mortgage Database Filtering Page Iteration

Early iteration of data filtering feature

Mortgage Database Final Filtering and Aggregation Tools

Final data filtering and aggregation tools

Mortgage Database API Documentation Page

API documentation page